Take a look at Leland Bobbé’s unique portraits of drag queens in New York, featuring both personas in a single image.

These exceptional portraits of drag queens were taken by New York-based photographer Leland Bobbé.

The series, titled Half-Drag… A Different Kind of Beauty, initially started when Leland met a drag queen at an industry party, and thought it would be interesting to take a portrait of him showing both sides of his persona. Instead of taking two portraits, one with make-up and one without, and merging the results in post production, Leland decided to shoot the portraits in single takes without any digital compositing, resulting in a very unique series of images.

Here’s a selection of portraits from the series – for more, visit Leland’s website, and read more about the project in his interview on PetaPixel.

Jessica Payge Daye © Leland Bobbé Heidi Glum © Leland Bobbé Leland Bobbe 04 Miss Fame © Leland Bobbé Honey LaBronx © Leland Bobbé Honey Davenport © Leland Bobbé Leland Bobbe 08 Leland Bobbe 09 Leland Bobbe 10

Photographs shared with permission.

Via PetaPixel.

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