Try out this handy tool for photographers, JPEGmini. It reduces the file size of your photos without lowering the resolution or quality.

JPEGmini is a very handy web tool for photographers – it allows you to reduce the file size of your photos without losing any resolution or visible quality, which means you can compress your photos and send them to friends and family who will still be able to print it out at full resolution. It manages to do this by combining brand new compression technologies with the existing JPEG baseline format, giving you small file sizes without the usual reduction in quality and images that will display in any existing browser.

We tried the tool on one of Dave’s photographs from yesterday’s post, and achieved a 3.2x smaller file size, while the difference in quality between the two images is virtually imperceptible:

Try it out for yourselves, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Via Ryno van Niekerk.


Handy Photography Tool: JPEGmini

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