Sean Tucker is dropping some serious knowledge on us in his latest video showing how to take control of exposure using manual mode.

If you’re a fan of Sean’s work you’ll know solely by his Instagram feed that he takes breath-taking images of his daily life and adventures. As you would expect, Sean gets a lot of questions from photographers and creatives asking which settings he favours when capturing these depth filled images. In short the answer is, he doesn’t. Sean’s a firm believer of shooting in manual mode, let’s find out why.

As Sean says, he’s not opposed to anyone using any of the modes available on your chosen equipment, if that works for you and allows you to produce images that you are happy with that’s great. But for Sean manual mode allows him more control over his exposure and gives him the desired results.

Watch as Sean gives us an in-depth look at exactly what’s happening within our equipment as we play with exposure and what that really means for our images.

What do you think of Sean’s latest video? Will you be taking steps to shooting using manual mode or do you already shoot in manual mode? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Sean’s ideas and advice!

If you’d like to see more of Sean’s work have a look at his website here. For more how-to’s and in-depth looks at Sean’s work be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and find him on Instagram here.