Watch the behind the scenes video by Berlin-based photographer and retoucher, Erik Johansson’s latest incredible image, “Impact”.


Some of you might remember Erik Johansson, a Swedish-born artist based in Berlin who creates incredible works of art with Photoshop. We shared several of Erik’s images and behind the scenes videos in a blog post last year that demonstrate just how much work goes into these. If you aren’t familiar with Erik’s work, he is an expert retoucher who uses a combination of photographs, raw materials and digital manipulation techniques to produce his pieces.  Erik recently shared one of his newest creations on his Behance profile titled, “Impact”. If you were wondering, an image like this isn’t just about a couple of hours on Photoshop. As Erik said “it was created using 17 square meters of mirrors, a boat and a model in a stone pit”, and that was before he even touched a computer. Let’s take a look…

Be sure to check out more videos and images on his website, you can also follow him on Facebook, Behance and Instagram.

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence. Via Behance & ISO 1200.