In this episode, Mathieu Stern tests a Russian Jupiter 9 85mm F/2 lens with a tilt ring on the Sony A7II in the search for Bokeh madness.

A few weeks ago we started following Paris-based photographer, Mathieu Stern who decided to embark on a new series for his YouTube channel, called the Weird Lens Challenge. In short, the idea is to mount various weird and wonderful lenses to a modern mirrorless camera and see how they perform. In the second episode of the series, Mathieu tests a Russian Jupiter 9 85mm F/2 on a tilt ring.

“The Jupiter 9 is a M42 mount, so I screwed it to a M42 to Nex Adaptor tilt ring then to the Sony A7II. The Lens is incredibly sharp for portrait photography, it’s also famous for having the same swirly bokeh effects than the Petzval lens. If you add the tilt ring to that mix, you get incredible result and real bokeh madness. If you’re interested in seeing some of the stills from this project, you can find them here.

Subscribe to Stern’s YouTube channel to see more from the Weird Lens Challenge, you can also keep up with him on his blogTwitter or Facebook page.


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