If you’re following Orms on Instagram you will have seen that we spend a great deal of our online energy resharing posts from those we have been tagged in and creating our own online community through the #ishootwithorms hashtag and our monthly round-up of our 9 favourite Instagram accounts to be featured on Orms Connect.

But with the overwhelming amount of accounts active online, we know the chances of being ‘seen’ and featured by us seem slim. Here’s what we’re looking for…

A Curated Feed
Whether its a specific style of photography and editing, or even just a colour scheme, we are looking for accounts that are aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

Luke Kitchin aka @lukekitchinmedia

Manthe Ribane aka @manthe.ribane

Creative Use Of The Grid
Accounts that go beyond the limiting layout of the Instagram grid are a guaranteed attention-grabber. Break the boundaries of the grid by posting creative layouts or splitting your images up.

Ogege Ve aka @kodaktokyo

General Creativity
We may be a photographic company but our Instagram roundups are not confined to photography by any means. We’re looking for anything creative, interesting and unique, from visual artists to bloggers.

Matt Slater aka @mattsl8r

Numbers Don’t Matter
Don’t be discouraged if you feel that your account doesn’t have a large enough following – we are looking to share accounts that might be going under the radar and who we feel deserve to be featured and seen regardless of size.

Keep Tagging
While we are constantly on the lookout for inspiring and refreshing accounts to follow and feature, your chances of being seen by us are definitely magnified by tagging @ormsdirect or using #ishootwithorms or #iprintwithorms!

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