Watch as destination wedding photographer, Nadia Meli shares a few tips to help you land those international clients.


Today we join destination wedding photographer, Nadia Meli as she shares a few handy tips to help you get noticed by international clients. Now, in this video Nadia is specifically talking from a wedding photography perspective, although these can be used for other types of photography as well. Hopefully, you’ll find a few awesome tips, and even if you have been doing some of these already, it’s still great to be reminded. The main takeaway, “brand yourself as an international photographer, even if you’re not yet there”. Let’s take a look…

If you are not already following Nadia on YouTube we recommend you start, her videos are great and packed with information that will help you improve your photography.  You can also stay in touch with Nadia via her Facebook page, Twitter account or on her website.

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