Photographer Sean Tucker knows a thing or two about being faced with a creative slump, a daunting lack of creative inspiration and ideas. Watch as he talks us through his way of coping with being abandoned by his muse and the tools and tricks he uses to get back into his creative flow.

Every creative has suffered through a creative slump, a time when they feel their muse has abandoned them for good. But how do they get out of these slumps and start creating again? It’s no surprise that many of us hold the mental image of creatives being solitary, reclusive people in the forefront of our minds. Having suffered through many a creative slump they are conscious of the power that solitude and quiet hold in re-igniting their creative flow.

Being in front of screens and having constant stimulation is damaging our ability to be quiet and present within ourselves.
If we think of writers retreats and the age-old idea of artists seeking out solitude to be free to create, this now makes perfect sense. Time spend by ourselves and with ourselves, muffling the sounds of the outside world is where we are truly able to refresh and recharge our creative minds.

Watch his video and see why Sean has made this reclusive practice a part of his everyday life and has chosen to spend a portion of each of his days soaking up the quiet peacefulness that comes from solitude.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the idea of mindfulness as a tool for creative refreshment as Sean mentions in his video. Are you going to be adopting his 15-minute creative refresh practice?

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