Taking care of your camera: Helpful advice from the Canon support team for getting the most from any DSLR camera.

So you’ve finally gotten your dream camera and learnt how to use it to take great photos. Now, how do you take care of it to ensure that it keeps working optimally?

Thankfully, Canon’s support team has made a useful video covering all of the essentials. It doesn’t matter wether you own a Canon camera or not – the tips apply to all makes of cameras. The video demonstrates what to do, and more importantly, what not to do when cleaning your camera, and while most of the advice may seem like common sense to experienced photographers, it should be helpful to newcomers.

Some of the cleaning products mentioned in the video are available for purchase at Orms: Cleaning Solutions on Orms Direct. Always remember: While canned air is great for cleaning the exterior of your camera and electronics, never use it to directly blow on the sensor or shutter assembly.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below! You can also email Orms Repairs for advice and support.

Via DPReview.

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