Best practices, correcting colour, calculating the right exposure and a few other helpful tips… have a look!


You might remember Joshua Cripps, we’ve shared a few of his videos over the last year, including: “7 Powerful Photography Tips”, “Understanding the Histogram” and “Get Sharp Focus from Front to Back”. Today, we join Joshua in another very helpful video, this time “How to Use a 10 Stop ND Filter for Long Exposures”.

Seen those landscape images with the beautiful soft water, or clouds streaking across the sky? That’s what a Natural Density (ND) filter allows you to shoot, long exposures – even during the day. This requires a few quick calculations to be done and it’s certainly worth knowing how to work out your settings. So Joshua looks at the best practices, correcting colour, getting the right exposure and a few other tips. Have a look!

If you’d like to see more from Joshua, tune in to Professional Photography Tips on YouTube.

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