Must see: I Am Durban by local photographers Kierran Allen and Matt Wilkes is an excellent time-lapse that offers a new look at the city.

I Am Durban by South African photographers Kierran Allen and Matt Wilkes is one of the best urban time-lapse videos we’ve seen.

The day-to-night transitions and choice of landscapes, with the nice blend of astro-photography, makes this a really beautiful take on the city of Durban. Although the video lacks some of the more advanced movements that Joe and Jonelle Louw incorporate into their work, it’s still an incredibly well shot time-lapse video. Great job, Kierran and Matt!

“We wanted to showcase Durban in a new way that has never been seen before – what better way that a cracking time-lapse of a few key spots?

“Time-lapse is actually not something that many people in South Africa do. This clip took a year to shoot and put together, as we waited for the best conditions weather wise.

“We wanted to create something that would make Durbanites proud of their city.”

The video was shot using Nikon DSLRs and lenses. You can follow Kierran’s work on his Facebook page, and follow Matt’s work on his Facebook page.

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