An interesting look at the colour photography of Jacques Henri Lartigue. Beautiful and engaging, it is very different from the Lartigue we’re familiar with.


Jacques Henri Lartigue was a French photographer and painter, best known for his whimsical, action based black and white work. What many people do not know, is that he also had a collection of wonderful colour images. Beautiful and engaging, it is very different than the Lartigue we’re familiar with.

Lartigue’s shot in colour during two different periods mainly, the first was his use of Autochrome plates from 1911-1926. Autochrome had a specific look used by photographers such as Heinrich Kuen. Later Lartigue went back to colour a second time in the mid-1950’s with film, by this time he was shooting 35mm with his Leica’s and medium format with his Rolleiflex. The work from this period is absolutely wonderful and rivals many of his contemporaries doing colour work at the time, including Saul Leiter.

Ted Forbes  from The Art of Photography tells us more about Lartigue’s life as we take a closer look at the book “Lartigue, Life In Color“. You watch more of Ted’s videos on The Art of Photography YouTube channel or by following him on any of the following social channels: TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest or their Website.

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Iconic Photographers: The Colour Photography of Jacques Henri Lartigue

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