American photographer Romain Laurent’s Tilt series features awesome photos of people walking on tilted streets.

These great portraits were taken by American commercial photographer Romain Laurent as part of his personal work.

Romain does not state how he accomplished the radical tilt perspective, but we suspect some Photoshop trickery – either the subjects were shot in the studio and inserted into the tilted photos, or the supports were removed in post production. Or perhaps the easiest, but most painful way would have been to shoot these while the subjects were falling. How do you think he did it? Edit – PopPhoto posted Romain’s technique here. Thanks Kenny.

View our previous feature on Romain’s work here, and take a look at his website for more photos.

Via Behance.

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.


Incredible Portraits: Tilt By Romain Laurent

    1. Hi Kenny, thanks for the info about the F-Stoppers article. I found these photos directly on Romain’s Behance profile, where he does not give any details about the process.

      Edit: Post updated with a link!

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