In this interview by The Artist Report, Braedon talks to photographer Pete Halvorsen about Instagram, commercial photography and more. Let’s take a look…


Pete Halvorsen is a cutting edge creative advisor and content producer who has evolved with technology to create his own niche and a large following on the Instagram platform. In this episode of The Artist Report, Braedon sits down with Pete to talk about his start in photography, landing the commercial clients and his epic Instagram following.

Pete has over 15 years of onsite experience in film, television, technology and advertising, he not only captures assets for brands but has become a creative asset himself. He travels the world shooting but can generally be found in his hometown of Manhattan Beach. Past clients include GAP, TOMS, Microsoft, The Getty Museum, Virgin Hotels, The Dorchester Collection and Toyota have trusted Pete with their brand’s story and allowed him to execute campaigns on their behalf.

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