This is incredible: Discover how blind photographer Pete Eckert visualises, conceptualises and creates his photographs.

If ever there was an inspirational video about a photographer’s working process, it’s this one: Learn how blind photographer Pete Eckert creates his conceptual images.

Pete lost his vision 27 years ago due to the degenerative disease retinitis pigmentosa. Before discovering that he would lose his sight, Pete was studying to become an architect and never dreamed of being a photographer until he discovered his mother’s camera. Now, with no visual eyesight remaining, Pete creates incredible light painted conceptual portraits.

What’s more, Pete shoots on film, mostly medium format it seems. The TLR camera he uses is fully manual, with no light meter, autofocus or electronics, so nothing can be set automatically. To set his exposure, Pete feels the dials of a handheld light meter and adjusts the camera accordingly.

The video was beautifully shot by Oddiseefilms for The Avant/Garde Dairies.

A while ago, we also shared a great video about Tommy Edison, an Instagram photographer who’s been blind since birth.

Via PetaPixel.