Let’s get into it as the Mango Street team is joined by photographer Daniel DeArco to talk about studio lighting and how you can easily integrate it into your workflow.

In this video, the Mango Street team is joined by fellow photographer, Daniel DeArco. Watch as Daniel demonstrates how easy it is to start in studio lighting and how to integrate it into your workflow (even if you are a die hard natural light photographer). Daniel also shares info about different lights, how they work and how you can use them to achieve a specific effect/mood.

By now you should be quite familiar with the Mango Street team and their YouTube channel, if not – where have you been? No seriously, these guys are creating some great content, so head on over and be sure to hit subscribe while you’re there. You can also follow them on Instagram, at @rachelgulotta and @danielinskeep.

If you’d like to learn more about studio lighting we have a great course coming up at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography, check it out here.

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