For those of you looking to start out with film photography, Adam Lerner gives us a little introduction to film cameras and shows us a few of his personal favourites.

Film photography is still very much alive, especially to the die-hard users who started off shooting film. Film has such a distinctive look and feel that many of us still have an undeniable love affair with it. Not surprisingly, film has made a significant “comeback” recently, with more and more people becoming interested in the medium again.

As you might know, Orms stocks a variety of different film options. We’ll be doing a blog post in the next few weeks explaining the key differences and how to choose the best option for you. We also have a fully functioning darkroom for developing, as well as a scanning service – in other words, at Orms film is definitely far from dead.

And so, we thought a little introduction to film cameras might be a good plan – for those of you who are keen to explore. Adam Lerner from Brooklyn Photo Works is just the guy to get you going. Adam talks a little bit about the realities, such as the cost involved and discusses a few of his personal favourite film cameras. Take a look…

You can catch up with more from Adam on his websiteTwitter or Facebook page.

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Introduction to Film Cameras by Adam Lerner

  1. Will be great to see the blog posts on film cameras! Thank you for the thinking of letting us know about the film cameras. Not yet I have used them so would be happy to learn about them.

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