Cityscapes of deserted Sao Paulo, completely devoid of human presence, taken by Brazilian photographer Nina Bruno.

These cityscapes devoid of any human presence were taken by Brazilian photographer Nina Bruno. She calls the project “Paisagens Invisíveis – Um ensaio sobre a cidade que não existe” which translates to “Invisible Landscapes – A serie about the city that doesn’t exist”.

How did she do it? Without an official explanation, we can only guess. She could have taken multiple photographs and blended them in post production to remove any people or cars. Or she could have made use of very long exposures, helped with some serious neutral density (ND) filters – although this seems unlikely, as some traces of movement would have been present. Alternatively, the streets and scenes really were that deserted!

For more photos of the lifeless Sao Paulo, view the gallery on Behance.

Via PhotographyServed.

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