2020 appears to be the year of weird releases from camera manufacturers, and the Sony A7C certainly makes that list. Featuring the same full-frame back-side illuminated sensor and practically all of the same internal features as Sony’s beloved photographic workhorse, the A7 III, but crammed into a diminutive body, the A7C’s arrival had many current Sony shooters asking, “Who is this camera meant for?”

Well, in one of our latest YouTube videos, we aimed to answer just that question. After consuming copious amounts of Sony video marketing material, we surmised that the A7C seemed to be directed at the content creation community. Armed with a Joby GorillaPod, insufficient sunscreen and a vague sense of direction, our long-time hosts, Deon and Andre, took to the streets of the quaint town of Stellenbosch to spend a day vlogging with the A7C.

Let’s break down the contents of this review so you can make sure it covers topics of interest before you dive into watching the full video.

  • Our chosen vlogging kit for the day
  • A rapid-fire break down of the A7C’s specifications and key features with lots of sample video clips
  • Testing the A7C for photography: what we liked and disliked (with sample images!)
  • The pros and cons of the A7C’s video performance
  • So, what do we think? Is the Sony A7C good enough for professional image-makers?

Sound good? You can tuck into the full video review over on our YouTube channel, OrmsTV. We’re pretty happy with how this one turned out, so we hope you enjoy it too!

If you’re more of a reader than a viewer, you can also read our writeup of the A7C’s specs right here on Orms Connect.

Finally, if you happen to be exactly the very specific type of person at whom this camera is aimed, you can shop the A7C in all its various body options over on Orms Direct.


We genuinely weren’t kidding when we said that 2020 has been a straight-up wacky year when it comes to new releases from camera manufacturers. Take the Nikon Z 5, a “new” camera from Nikon that looks virtually identical to the original Z6, while being powered by features that are all, well, just slightly less impressive. We made a video about that.

We also weighed in on the X-S10, a surprising new camera from Fujifilm that, for the first time that we can really remember, moves away from the quintessential analogue-esque Fujifilm design to conform to a more traditional entry-level DSLR styled body. Surprisingly, we didn’t hate it! Find out why in our review on OrmsTV.