Joe Capra uses the PhaseOne IQ180 camera to create a 10K time-lapse video from 80MP still photographs.

Titled “10328×7760 – A 10K Time-lapse Demo” is a video put together by Joe Capra to showcase the extreme resolution of the PhaseOne IQ180 camera.  Joe is a Los Angeles-based photographer who specialises in ultra high definition (4K – 10K) time-lapse photography.  His work has been featured on Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet, to name but a few.

The footage above comes from some shots Joe did while shooting 4K and 8K time-lapses for a recent assignment in Rio De Janeiro. He explains: “Each shot is composed of hundreds individual still images, each weighing in at a whopping 80 megapixels. Each individual raw frame measures 10328×7760 pixels”.

Explaining the demo Joe continues: “Each shot sequence starts off with the full resolution footage scaled down to fit within a 1920×1080 resolution (14% scale). The next shot in each shot sequence is the full resolution shot scaled to 50%, so basically zooming in quite a bit. From there we go into the full resolution shot scaled to 100%, which is an extreme zoom/crop. As you can see, the quality and detail holds up extremely well, it’s pretty amazing”.

You can visit Joe’s website to see more of his incredible work.