Renowned photographer Jürgen Schadeburg chats about the South African photojournalism industry and his Leica rangefinder cameras.

SixOranges recently caught up with renowned photojournalist Jürgen Schadeberg, and recorded a short interview with the acclaimed photographer in his hometown of Berlin.

Through his photojournalism, Jürgen played a huge part in South Africa’s history, especially in the fight against apartheid. Some of the most iconic photographs of our late leader Nelson Mandela were captured by him. Jürgen briefly touches on the issues that the South African photojournalism industry faced, and he also talks about his choice in gear, specifically Leica rangefinders and lenses.

The short video is well worth a watch and it’s great opportunity for viewers to ‘meet’ one of the most iconic photographers in our history. You can read more about Jürgen Schadeberg’s work on his website.

Via PetaPixel.