During the heavy rains last weekend, members of the Cape Whitewater Club kayaked down a torrential Liesbeeck river!

During the heavy rain over Cape Town last weekend, Ray Chaplin and two other members of the Cape Whitewater Club decided to make the best of the poor weather by kayaking and river boarding down the Liesbeeck river with GoPro cameras! If you’re not familiar with the Liesbeeck, it is usually nothing more than a gentle stream running down its artificial channel through suburbia, but during heavy storms it becomes a torrent – as can be seen in the awesome footage below!

From Ray Chaplin’s description:

When the heavens opened and most Capetonians ran for the indoors and higher ground, 3 members of the Cape Whitewater Club decided to make the most of the high water levels and head for the Liesbeek river for a run through the suburbs of Cape Town.

Here’s a brief video from a helmet mounted GoPro from my perspective. I was on a hydrsopeed-style riverboard called an Anvil, designed & manufactured by www.FluidKayaks.com

Music is “Electro Thing” by the great team from Goodluck – www.goodlucklive.com

Via My City By Night.


Kayaking Down The Liesbeeck River

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