Mega post: View the incredible winning photos and runner ups in the Kirstenbosch Centenary Photographic Competition!

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Society celebrated their 100th anniversary this year by hosting a photographic competition.

Over the year, we’ve been sharing the impressive monthly winning images in both the open and student categories, and the competition’s overall winners were announced at a prize giving ceremony and exhibition at the Botanical Society’s Conservatory on 28 November.

Kirstenbosch 02

Overall winner in the open category Kevin Shields with his Canon 60D.

The overall winners received a Canon 60D kit and Canon G1 X respectively, sponsored by Canon SA, and Orms printed the photos at the exhibition.

Winning Photos

A1_ Kevin Shields_Helmut the Frog

Overall winner in the open category: “Helmut the Frog” by Kevin Shields.

B1_Bruce Lee_I Got You

Overall winner in the student category: “I Got You” by Bruce Lee.

The Best of the Runner Ups

Featured image above: “Sunbird in breeding plumage” by Jeanette du Toit.

A5_Jeanette du Toit_ Face to Face

Overall runner up: “Face to Face” by Jeanette du Toit.

A11_Bipin Prag_Rocket Protea

Overall runner up: “Rocket Protea” by Bipin Prag.

A10_Howard Langley_Sunbirds at Play

Overall runner up: “Sunbirds at Play” by Howard Langley.

A8_HC Jacques Kloppers_Flower Swarm

Overall runner up: “Flower Swarm” by Jacques Kloppers.

A12_Neil Overy_Strelitzia Spectrum

Overall runner up: “Strelitzia Spectrum” by Neil Overy.

June A_W Michael Wrankmore_Sunbird in Breeding Plumage

June finalist: Michael Wrankmore.

June A_HC Jenny Morkel_ Leucadendrons Aflame

June finalist: Leucadendrons Aflame by Jenny Morkel.

June A_M Sofie De Meyer_Hide and Seek

June finalist: “Hide and Seek” by Sofie de Meyer.

July A_HC Michelle Nel_A poser of note

July finalist: “A Poser of Note” by Michelle Nel.

July A_W Jeanette du Toit_Praying Mantis Feeding

July finalist: “Praying Mantis Feeding” by Jeanette du Toit.

August A_W Jeanette du Toit_ Waratah

August finalist: “Waratah” by Jeanette du Toit.

August A_HC Miranda Waldron_Chameleon on Protea

August finalist: “Chameleon on Protea” by Miranda Waldron.

August A_HC GuyLerner_Purple Dew

August finalist: “Purple Dew” by Guy Lerner.

Septmeber A_W Michael Wrankmore_The Pollinator

September finalist: “The Pollinator” by Michael Wrankmore.

October A_HC  Isreal Ruiz_Contrast Cutie

October finalist: “Contrast Cutie” by Isreal Ruiz.

October A_HC Mike Wrankmore_Lynx Spider

October finalist: “Lynx Spider” by Michael Wrankmore.

Photos From The Prize Giving And Exhibition

Kirstenbosch 01 Kirstenbosch 03 Kirstenbosch 04 Kirstenbosch 05 Kirstenbosch 06 Kirstenbosch 07

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