UK-based landscape photographer, Thomas Heaton takes us on the adventure of a lifetime as he searches for that perfect shot on the shores of Iceland.

We join Thomas Heaton in Narnia, or as it’s formally known Iceland, for breathtaking landscapes and of course helpful tips and tricks on capturing images. Despite battling the forces of nature and gale force winds on the clifftops in Haifoss Heaton doesn’t give up hope of capturing the shot he has in mind. You’ll have to give his video a watch to see whether his persistence and patience pays off though, we’re not giving anything away!

Next, Heaton and his group of photographers head off into the Southern Highlands and despite hourly weather changes head towards the Red Waterfall in the hopes of dodging the storm and capturing the incredible views that stood before them.

Be sure to give Heaton’s latest adventure video a watch for all of his photographs as well as all of his helpful tips and tricks! Left wanting more? Pop on over to his YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe while you’re there. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram for more of his work.