We join British landscape photographer, Thomas Heaton as he seeks out the perfect shot in Arctic Norway.


We’ve been following British landscape photographer, Thomas Heaton‘s photography vlogs for a few months now. As always, Thomas is kind enough to document his photographic expeditions, so today we join him on part of a recent trip in Arctic Norway.

What’s really nice about these is that they are so honest, Thomas doesn’t give the impression that finding the beautiful light or the perfect shot comes easy. Sometimes you have to really chase the light, brave the weather and well, get your feet wet. And sometimes you get lucky with a beautiful splash of light. In the end, it’s all part of the fun right? Let’s take a look as Thomas talks us through his thought process, how he considers his composition, finds something for the foreground and most importantly, explains his camera settings.

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Landscape Photography in Arctic Norway with Thomas Heaton

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