Take a look at these landscapes and portraits captured by Durban-based photographer Nick Ferreira.

Durban-based multimedia designer and photographer Nick Ferreira shoots a bit of everything, from events to landscapes to portraits.

We asked Nick to elaborate a bit more about his work: “I have been a passionate about photography my whole life but only in the past few years have I really set my mind to it.”

“I enjoy capturing moments that express emotion, wether its the look in someone’s eyes or the rich colours of a sunset. Photography for me is exciting, and I love getting out there and experimenting and getting those “hard to reach” angles. I carry my camera around with me 24/7 and am always on the hunt for a great shot.”

If you enjoy Nick’s work, be sure to visit his website or follow him on Facebook. Nick also runs Durbanite.co.za, a local event photography site. Here’s a selection of his photos:

Nick Ferreira 02 Nick Ferreira 03 Nick Ferreira 04 Nick Ferreira 05 Nick Ferreira 06 Nick Ferreira 07 Nick Ferreira 08 Nick Ferreira 09 Nick Ferreira 10 Nick Ferreira 11 Nick Ferreira 12

Photographs shared with permission.


Landscapes & Portraits By Nick Ferreira

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