“Least Likely To Be Adopted” is a series of dog portraits taken by LaNola Stone at her local pound to help the animals find homes.

Here at Orms, we enjoy portraits of dogs, as featured here and here, but New York-based photographer LaNola Stone’s Least Likely To Be Adopted series goes one step further than the photography, as she helps the dogs at her local pound get adopted by taking their picture.

“The concept was to make “fashionesque images” of the longest in residence at the dog pound near my home (some dogs had been there over six months). I specifically asked for the dogs that were the “least likely to be adopted” and took their portraits to represent them with personality, youth and “edge” in order to aid their adoption. All the dogs pictured here were adopted.”

For more of LaNola’s work, visit her website.

Via Behance.

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives licence.