Just arrived: The Lexar Professional Workflow Card Reader solution is now available for order on Orms Direct. See it in action.

Lexar’s Workflow Card Reader hub is the perfect solution for busy photographers.

Lexar Workflow 02

The Workflow system allows you to copy photos from up to four different memory cards at once – four CompactFlash cards, four SD cards, four QXD cards or any mix of the formats. Wether you’re in the studio or shooting on location, this allows you to quickly and efficiently copy your images onto your computer, so that you can clear the cards and get back to shooting.

Lexar Workflow 03

See it in action:

The Lexar Workflow hub and card readers are now available on Orms Direct:

The CF, SD and QXD modules are also capably of being used individually via USB 3.0:

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Lexar Professional Workflow Card Reader Hub

  1. Very cool reader, used mine on Saturday properly after shooting a full day of the Red Bull LionHeart race. Loaded 4 cards at once, copied super fast from 3 Lexar 1000x CF cards and 1 1100x XQD card shot on Nikon D4 and D800, saving me time to get my work out quickly. A must have reader when laoading multiple cards

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