Creative Live shares a nifty little tip to help you Keyword your photos with Lightroom in no time at all.

We all know the importance of keywords, image tags and good SEO in general.  In the most simple terms – that’s how Google finds your website.  Having said that, it’s often an area where it’s easy to get lazy, especially if you are very busy.  Well, lucky for us Creative Live recently shared this short video with a nifty Lightroom tip to streamline your workflow. Watch how Jared Platt demonstrates an incredibly easy way to add keywords to your images using the Paint tool in Lightroom.

For more photography business tips and advice (including a section on the importance of SEO), we recommend you watch 8 Fantstic Pieces of Advice for Your Photography Business. If you are keen to learn more about Lightroom you can have a look here.



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