Fabian Oefner, the master of colourful photography, is back with a new series of vibrant images titled Liquid Jewel.

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner has crafted a niche for himself as the master of colourful photography. In his latest experiment, Fabian coated balloons with various brightly coloured paints and popped them, resulting in what he calls liquid jewels.

“The structures you see are modeling balloons covered with paint right after they have been pricked with a needle. The air inside the ballon expands explosively, throwing the paint in all different directions. What I particularly love about the images is that if you look closely, you can see, how the individual shades start to mix with each other, blue and magenta becomes violet, red and yellow becomes orange…within a few microseconds, the paint forms into the most beautiful color combinations…and then its gone again. What remains is the capture of that firework of colors, frozen in time…”

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Photographs shared via the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.