The DJI Action 2 is about more than just action. This ultra-versatile machine is DJI’s most powerful action cam yet, featuring an innovative magnetic design that allows you to effortlessly swap out accessories on the go. This means it’s easier than ever to capture life on the move, from parkour to park walks.


This portable action camera has been crafted with precision. Its lightweight aluminum alloy body has a sleek, smooth, minimalistic look, while still feeling solid in the hand. The main advantage possessed by the Action 2 is its magnetic locking design, which lets you rapidly and securely mount the camera to a variety of accessories for capturing your adventures more innovatively and more easily. Additionally, the shape and angle of the lens have been deliberately and optimally constructed to empower ideal performance and provide the most flattering look for your subjects.


Grasp hold of the power to wow with the Action 2’s industry-leading video performance and intuitive features. The Action 2 can record crisp, smooth 4K footage at a whopping 120 fps, capturing rich detail in dynamic slow-motion. Want to enhance your perspective and depth of field? With the Action 2’s super-wide custom aspheric lens, you can access an ultra-wide 155-degree FOV, with sharper edges and reduced image distortion.


No matter how wild the action gets, keep your videos level with HorizonSteady, DJI’s latest built-in stabilisation algorithm. Whether you’re zooming around a go-karting course or hitting the dirt biking track, HorizonSteady will detect and correct any camera shake and rotation in real-time, keeping your footage cinematic and smooth.

The DJI Action 2 is built-tough, ready to tackle all terrain and all action. It is drop-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof at depths of up to 10 meters. Even its touchscreen and lens are constructed from durable gorilla glass, leaving it undaunted by even the wildest of adventures.


Get ready to unleash your creativity with the Action 2’s intuitive features. Whether it’s shooting a show-stopping timelapse of storm clouds rolling in, capturing an epic action moment in 8x slow-mo, or seamlessly switching from close-ups to wides with digital zoom, the Action 2 can do it all. The slow-motion and digital zoom can be enabled and disabled while shooting, for precise timing and even more creative freedom.


The ultimate multi-functional action camera, the Action 2’s magnetic design is made for action, and so much more. The construction lets shooters dynamically snap and switch between powerful modules and accessories.

Take center stage with the Front Touchscreen Module. The front-facing OLED touchscreen paired with the 4-mic Matrix Stereo empowers vloggers to compose videos and record clean audio as they star in their own adventures. With this module connected, the Action 2’s battery can last an impressive 160 minutes while recording video, allowing you to capture more of your life story with less stress.

Give yourself a boost when you need it most with the Power Module. When you snap this bad boy onto your Action 2, it gains a microSD card slot, allowing continuous shooting for up to 180 minutes. You can even hot-swap your cards, so you can keep rolling without missing a beat.

The Action 2’s wearable accessories empower you to stay in the moment while you capture the spectacular. The Magnetic Lanyard and Magnetic Headband let you wear your DJI Action 2 on your chest or head, allowing you to keep your hands free while recording an engaging FPV perspective.

Connect to one of the Action 2’s magnetic mounts to get creative, go extreme, or gain a new perspective. Both mounts snap directly onto the camera via its magnetic lock. They also contain a quarter-inch screw hole to connect with third-party accessories. The Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount features a reusable adhesive base and ball joint, enabling you to attain unique vantage points and out-of-the-box angles when filming. The other mount, the Magnetic Adapter Mount, is designed to securely attach to basically any extreme sports camera accessory, so you can chase that adrenaline rush and capture the action effortlessly.

The versatile 3-in-1 Remote Control Extension Rod functions as a selfie stick, tripod, and detachable remote controller, allowing you to control the Action 2 from a distance, snap a group selfie, or capture stable video.

Explore your expression with the Macro Lens, using it to get up close and personal with your subject in even sharper detail. You can also use the Waterproof Case to push the limits of your underwater adventures, taking your Action 2 with a Front Touchscreen Module or Power Module to depths of up to 60 meters. If you want to stay on the surface, you can attach the DJI Floating Handle. Its hollow design will keep the Action 2 above water while you enjoy your next pool party or open water adventure.

Finally, DJI’s all-new wireless microphone system is bringing you exceptional sound quality and dual-channel recording at distances of up to 200m. The setup comes with two transmitters, a receiver, and an ultra-portable charging case. Connect the DJI Mic to the Action 2 to capture crystal-clear audio when filming.


The DJI Mimo app allows you to easily record, edit, and share the highlights of your adventures. It is jam-packed with intuitive features and powerful post-production tools, such as the AI editor, which automatically selects and combines your most epic moments with flawless transitions and an upbeat soundtrack. You can also use your smartphone to manage and transfer photos and videos in a flash.

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