Watch this full length “Long Live Film” documentary if you have the time this weekend – If you’re a film shooter or thinking about moving over to film, this one’s for you.

If you are not familiar with them yet, the Indie Film Lab is a small film lab based in Montgomery, AL. A while back they teamed up with Kodak to put together a documentary looking at why photographers still shoot film.

Talking about he project they said: “Earlier this year, Indie Film Lab took a trip from Montgomery, AL to Las Vegas, NV for the annual WPPI trade show. After we decided it would be more interesting to travel via RV than plane, we started planning our trip around the places we wanted to see. Originally, we had an idea to create a 5-10 minute video of our trip, for fun, then Kodak came on board and our project has turned into a 47 minute feature.

The film has now turned the focus less on the trip, to more on the photographers themselves and why they shoot film. We can’t thank Kodak and all our friends who helped and supported us and our project, enough. We hope you enjoy the film and are inspired to create things you truly care for, in a way you are truly passionate. Long Live Film.”

Find more from the Indie Film Lab on their website, their YouTube channel or on any of the following social platforms – FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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