Artist Jorge Rodrigeuz-Gerada’s impressive WISH is a massive portrait printed with wood, soil and sand on 11 acres of land.

Here at Orms, we routinely create some very impressive large prints, but nothing we output will compare in size toΒ Jorge Rodrigeuz-Gerada‘s WISH, a massive 11 acre portrait print.

Jorge captured the portrait of a local girl in Belfast, and with the help of volunteers, he printed the image as a halftone print consisting of 30,000 wooden stakes, 2,000 tons of soil and 2,000 tons of sand. Considering the grand scale and the materials used, the end result is incredible when viewed from the sky:

WISH was created as part of the upcoming 2013 Ulster Bank Belfast Festival At Queens, a UK art festival. Read more about the project here, and view more of Jorge’s work on his website.

Via PetaPixel.