It’s the month of love! Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and we’re making your Valentine’s Day dreams come true by matchmaking YOU with the camera you should buy, based on your lifestyle and creative aspirations. In this post you will find our top 10 picks pairing various types of creatives to their perfect photographic partner in creative crime. We’re all thinking it, so we’re just going to say it… Who needs Cupid when you’ve got Orms?


You matched with… the Fujifilm X-S10!

This light, stylish and surprisingly high-powered little guy from Fujifilm is one of the most approachable consumer mirrorless cameras on the market. It combines many of the beloved Fuji design elements with the familiar dial layout of other conventional camera bodies, making it easy for those coming from other brands to make the jump. Also, did we mention the 20 fps burst stills shooting, snappy autofocus and tasty 240 fps slo-mo video mode? There’s so many reasons to love this happy snapper!

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You matched with… the GoPro HERO9 Black!

Buckle up, buckaroo! Capturing your wildest adventures just got even more exciting with the GoPro’s latest action cam, the HERO9 Black. Thrill-seekers everywhere will be starry-eyed at the HERO9’s best features, including crispy 5K video and detailed 20MP stills. Reliving your highlights has never been this lifelike, and if that’s something you need on the daily, this is the camera you should buy.

Learn more about the specs here.


You matched with… the Sony A7C!

Don’t be fooled by this model’s diminutive stature: the A7C is a little firecracker, packing almost all of the beastly A7 III’s internal features into a compact, essentialist form factor. While the size makes the A7C unsuitable for professional photographers or videographers, it is actually a real drawcard for those globetrotters creating content on move who require something small but powerful to document their travels. And the A7C is powerful: you still get 4K S-Log, 5-axis IBIS and Sony’s legendary tracking AF, all in a teensy-tiny body.

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You matched with… the Canon G7 X Mark III!

Saying, “Hi guys, welcome back to my channel!” has never been easier than with this latest PowerShot from Canon. With its built-in wireless live streaming options, 4K shooting and vertical video support, it’s undeniable that the G7 X Mark III still supports entry-level content creators and micro-influencers in the pursuit of their dreams of internet stardom. Pop her in your backpack and share your life with the world!

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You matched with… the Canon EOS R6!

If you’re a birder or wildlife photographer, no one will dispute that the R6 is the camera you should buy. It’s image stabilised, its image quality is excellent and its autofocus system is the best in the world right now thanks to Canon’s deep learning algorithm. Want to get the shot, every time, without fail, and shoot a bit of 10-bit 4K 60 fps video on the side? Add an R6 to your arsenal today.

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You matched with… the Canon EOS M50!

Every family has one. It could be your dad, your aunty, your sister. Maybe it’s you! If you’re the one holding the camera at every family event, the M50 is your perfect match. This model has been one of Canon’s most popular sellers among vloggers since its release in early 2018, but it is also ideally positioned to help you easily record your memories, using Canon’s Dual Pixel AF and capturing 10 fps burst. You can even get a little slo-mo vibe on with 60 fps HD video recording!


You matched with… the Fujifilm X100V!

She’s slick, she’s sleek, she’s totally chic. This gorgeous camera from Fujifilm’s standout feature is certainly its looks (dare we say it… discount Leica?), but that’s not to say that it hasn’t got the specs to match. The X100V can shoot at up to 11 fps burst in stills with the mechanical shutter and utilises a clever hybrid AF system for snappy performance. We can’t avoid mentioning its stunning viewfinder: it’s a 3.69m-dot OLED EVF. Getting those candid street snaps has never been so effortless, and you can do it all while looking incredibly hipster by using Fuji’s beloved manual control dials on the X100V.

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You matched with… the Sony A7S III!

Arguably the most anticipated release of last year, the Sony A7S III did not disappoint when it arrived on the market back in July 2020. 4K 120 fps. Internal 10-bit 4:2:2. Sony’s legendary real-time eye-detect AF system. Beast-mode low light capability. Okay, you can stop now, we’re practically drooling! If you’re a serious video producer of practically any genre who needs something reliable, perfectly sized and extremely versatile, don’t even question it: just get an A7S III and thank us later!

Watch our video review here or learn more about the specs here.


You matched with… the Nikon Z 5!

Are you a hobbyist shooter who does a bit of stills, a bit of video, and likes both to be of a rock-solid quality? The Nikon Z 5 is the camera you should buy. It’s full-frame, it’s mirrorless, and it has a lot of the similar features to the Nikon Z6 with a more affordable pricetag. For almost R10k less you still get 4K video, 5-axis IBIS and great quality stills images, making it the perfect match for the creative who shoots seriously for themselves, but not professionally.

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You matched with… the Canon EOS R5!

You’re a beast, you’re creating beastly content, and you deserve a high-performance monster that can keep up with you regardless of whether you’re shooting stills or video. The R5 boasts up to 20 fps stills shooting, industry-leading IBIS and a maximum of 8K 30 fps uncropped RAW video. Perhaps its greatest feature is its autofocus, which, as our gear experts will tell you, is unlike AF system we have ever experienced. This is undoubtedly the best all-round camera in the world right now, and if you need a machine that gets you the shot every time, with minimal effort and maximum output, this is the creative partner you’ve been longing for.

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That wraps up our list of the camera you should buy based on your lifestyle. We hope this helps you to make a decision when considering your next big photo- or videographic purchase.