Meet the latest addition to the Orms Print Room & Framing family, a brand new Swiss Q Nyala 2 Flatbed Printer. Not only can we now print up to 3m x 2m prints with this larger printing table, it also prints at a top speed of 206 m²/h a print!


We have a new flatbed printer! Introducing the Swiss Q Nyala 2. What does that mean for you, our customers?

We can now print larger sizes.

We can now print up to 3 x 2 m prints with our new, larger printing table.

We have a Fine Art mode – which means better quality prints.

The 9 picolitre droplet is a prerequisite for fine art printing. It allows ultra-exacting photo print work with fine colour gradations. Complex subjects that require uniform expanses of colour and reproduction of fine detail are superbly rendered, with pin-sharp typography even in the smallest font sizes.

Resolution 9 – 42 picolitres
Addressable resolution 360 – 1080 dpi
Visual resolution up to 2160 dpi

Better Colour Reproduction.

We now have 9 colour channels for ink. The standard CMYK + Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Yellow, Light Black and an additional channel for white or clear ink.

The lighter colours allow for the reproduction of natural skin tones and shading – producing a wider range of colours while the white ink and varnish work as a primer or special effect.

Faster Production Time.

With a top speed of 206 m²/h a print image goes onto the substrate in just a fraction of the time taken by other printers. There is also a tandem function for non-stop printing and a unique register pin system for optimal utilisation of the printing table area.