Visual inspiration: Dark and moody fine art photos of contemporary architecture around Europe captured by Greek architect Pygmalion Karatzas.

Pygmalion Karatzas is a Greek architect with a passion for photographing architecture. With his ongoing “Morphogenesis” series, he travels around Europe and documents contemporary architecture with a fine-art approach, resulting in stark and dramatic black & white photos.

View our previous features of Pygmalion’s work, and more of his portfolio on his website and Behance.

pygmalion-karatzas-02 pygmalion-karatzas-03 pygmalion-karatzas-04 pygmalion-karatzas-05 pygmalion-karatzas-06 pygmalion-karatzas-07 pygmalion-karatzas-08 pygmalion-karatzas-09 pygmalion-karatzas-10

Photographs shared with permission.