Beautiful greyscale multiple exposure photographs blending portraits with urban landscapes, created by Anna Pantelia.

Greek photography student Anna Pantelia’s Recycle and Recycle II projects feature a collection of multiple exposure photographs, blending portraits with urban scapes.

“This project called Recycle because it’s an effort to find a way to convert something useless to something useful. In photography, everything should serve a purpose even if the purpose is not to serve one. Every photograph should reply the question “So, what?”.  This project was an experiment on how the urban landscape can coexist with portrait and create a interesting visual effect as the stability of buildings combined with the stability of portraits because of the pose.”

For those that are wondering if the multiple exposures were created in-camera, we’re guessing that they were put together in post-production. Judging by Anna’s description, it seems that these images were created after they were photographed. Nevertheless, the resulting pictures are beautiful, even if they are pushing the boundaries between photography and digital illustration.

For more of Anna’s work, visit her Behance profile.

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Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.

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Multiple Exposure Portraits By Anna Pantelia

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