Watch this mural painting in Muizenberg come to life over two days in a time-lapse film created by Rory Allen.

South African filmmaker and time-lapse photographer Rory Allen recently shot a mural painting coming to life over two days.

The mural was created by the very talented Chris Auret, and it’s amazing to see the work progress from rough outlines to final illustration. Rory writes: “Gregory the Giraffe was a character that Chris was painting at a surf store in Muizenberg, Cape Town. I was keen to work with him again after the last film we made, and this character looked like alot of fun. This took a total of two days to paint and the lapses consist of about 6300 still images.”

We also enjoyed Rory’s use of movement and composition to add some dynamic. View more of his work in his showreels: A Lapse In Time and A Lapse In Time: Vol II.

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