Visual inspiration: Watch this beautifully shot short video by Cape Town-based filmmaker David East, titled Mysteries Unfound.

Mysteries Unfound is a beautiful short visual art piece created by Cape Town-based filmmaker and photographer, David East.

We’ve featured a few of David’s short films before, including Splendor and Durban Junctions, and it’s best to describe them as beautiful motion portraits. Instead of presenting a portraiture shoot as a series of photos, Dave takes it a step further by adding movement and music, resulting in a very cinematic feel.

Mysteries Unfound was shot in Cape Town, predominantly on Signal Hill, making great use of the early morning light to convey the mood. If you enjoy the short, be sure to visit the links above to watch Dave’s other videos.


Featuring: Julia Campbell-Gillies
Music: Majical Cloudz – Turns Turns Turns