“We were so broke,” Nabilah Kariem reminisces when asked about her first year attempting to make content creation her full-time occupation.

“I can remember the car getting stuck with no petrol during shoots,” her husband and creative partner, Sulaiman Peck, adds with a chuckle. “It made no sense for us to be trying to make this content at the time.”

Content creator Nabilah Kariem rose from humble creative beginnings: shooting the photographs for her modest fashion Instagram account on her iPhone. Following her marriage to Sulaiman Peck three years ago, the pair decided that they were going to seriously pursue building Nabilah’s online brand. Together they embarked on a voyage of creative discovery and self-education. They used YouTube and other free online resources to harness the technical aspect of photography and videography to tell more powerful stories.

Since then, Nabliah amassed a loyal and vibrant fan base of almost 130k followers on her Instagram. Additionally, she earned the reputation as one of the leading innovators in the international modest fashion community. In the third episode of OrmsTV’s #ISHOOTWITHORMS video series, we sat down with Nabilah and Sulaiman to review their journey. We spoke about purchasing their first DSLR, the way they craft their videos and how Orms features as a regular creative collaborator in their content.

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If you find beauty and inspiration in Nabilah and Sulaiman’s stunning work, you can peruse more of their gorgeous photographs and lively videos on Nabilah’s Instagram.

In their #ISHOOTWITHORMS feature, Sulaiman mentions how much he enjoys shooting Nabilah’s videos on DJI’s Ronin-S gimbal. You can read his in-depth thoughts on creating with the gimbal in this previous Orms Connect blog post where he shares his experience using the Ronin-S on a trip to Dubai.


#ISHOOTWITHORMS is an original Orms video series published on our YouTube channel, OrmsTV and our IGTV. Each episode features an inspirational and innovative creative individual or collective who regularly incorporate Orms’ variety of photo- and videographic services into their creative process. The series provides the opportunity for us to recollect the artists’ journey so far, examine their challenges and triumphs and share the wisdom they have garnered with our online community.

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