Incredible macro videos featuring close-ups of insects and plants created by German photographer Stefan Diller.

While macro photographs like these close-ups of dew-covered insects are already incredible, adding video to the mix ads a whole new cool-factor.

German photographer Stefan Diller spent three years developing techniques for recording videos of macro subjects with a scanning electron microscope*. By using custom software and a system to move and rotate the subjects, Stefan captures a series of high quality macro stills which he combines into videos, which he has dubbed nanoflights.

Of course, the process requires some excellent planning, as Stefan can only shoot up to 40 images per hour. One minute of his video footage requires 1500 frames, which means it will take him over 37 hours of constant shooting to record 60 seconds of video. It’s probably a good idea to get the footage on the first take!

View more of Stefan’s nanoflights over on the showreel page.

Via FStoppers.

*Incidentally, it might seem strange to shoot macro photographs using a microscope, but much like macro lenses, in the context of photography, the word macro is meant to convey that you’re viewing a large image of a small subject.

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