Canon’s new iPhone app, Idea Mine, aims to combat the creative block that sometimes have photographer’s stumped for ideas.

Canon will be releasing a new iPhone app soon that aims to combat creative block for photographers. Simplifying a shoot down into four components, Idea Mine allows the photographer to provide the app with the location, subject, feeling, and technique of a planned shoot and store the details for later. When you’re looking for a new concept, you can simply revisit your previous ideas and you might find the right inspiration. Alternatively, the app can randomise the fields for you when you’re really stumped for ideas.

Perhaps it’s best to see the app in person, so check out the embedded video below. As for pricing, Idea Mine will be completely free and should be released within the next month.

Do you use an iPhone? If yes, do you plan on getting this free app? Let us know in the comments! Here at Orms Connect, we’ll be sure to check it out once it’s been released.

Via PetaPixel & Pixiq.

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New App Combats Photographer's Creative Block

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