Have a new camera or getting one soon? Here are 10 settings and accessories you should consider before you start using your new camera!

Today we are back with Caleb Pike, AKA the DSLR Video Shooter to look at a few really handy tips for setting up your new camera. As mentioned Caleb specialises in video, so it goes without saying this he is approaching this from a video perspective. But most of these tips are just as relevant for photographers, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Now, you might wonder why you would need to do that right? Well, there’s a few reasons actually, but let’s be honest – the world will certainly not end if you ignore all this and just head on out and start shooting. But going over these tips, at least those applicable to what you do, will in the long run, be incredibly handy. For example, go through the menu’s and make sure you know and understand the different functionalities. As Caleb says, often there are great little hidden gems there that you didn’t know about.

Another great tip is to test the ISO to make sure you know what you are comfortable with shooting at. The last thing you need is to shoot a low light wedding reception for example, and then later realise that the images or footage looks terrible because of your ISO setting.

Some of the other tips are very basic, like getting a screen cover for example. Making sure you have extra batteries, and that you know how long they typically last. All the way through to basic setting preferences. Trust me, you will regret not checking that the camera is shooting RAW when you realise you’ve just shot something super important entirely in Jpeg. So with that, let’s take a look at some of Caleb’s tips…

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10 New Camera Setup Tips, by Caleb Pike

  1. Great tips. Was going to give this vid a miss but glad I watched it. The tip about finding your cameras highest decent ISO was golden. I’ll be using this tip when I upgrade my camera.

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