With the new Yong Nuo RF-603 transceivers, it’s easier and more inexpensive than ever to shoot with off-camera flash.

Update: This article is out of date. For the latest information, please read our guide to off-camera flash accessories, published in March 2014.

Most photographers today should be familiar with the Strobist movement – using small battery powered speedlights off-camera, instead of more expensive dedicated studio strobes. However, you’ll still need a few things to get you going, such as radio triggers, light stands, umbrella holders and lightmods (umbrellas, etc).

Orms Direct is now selling the Yong Nuo range of off-camera lighting gear for the Strobist on a budget. We have the new RF-603 transceiver triggers in stock, as well as inexpensive umbrella holders and translucent white umbrellas. I have personally used the previous generation Yong Nuo RF-602 triggers and can vouch for their reliability. The RF-603s improve on their predecessors by being universal transceivers (one unit can act as either a transmitter or receiver) and thus makes it easier to add additional flashes to your setup. They have also opted for commonly available AAA batteries, which will bring down your running costs.

Here’s the pricing details*:
RF-603 Transceiver Pair – R595,00 [Link]
Umbrella Holder – R135,00 [Link]
83cm White Translucent Umbrella – R145,00 [Link]

For a total of R875 you can have your speedlight off-camera. If you don’t have a dedicated lightstand, a tripod will also work with the umbrella holder using a R70 Manfrotto adaptorTake a look at what you can do with one off-camera speedlight.

*All prices are correct at the time the article was published.


New Off-Camera Lighting Gear Available

  1. I use the RF602s as well and I have never had a misfire in normal conditions. My only misfires occured during a stress test when I was in a different room, 30meters away, no line of sight and 5 walls between the transmitter and the receiver. 

    1. Hi Jeannie, sure. The difference between the packages is only the cable that connects to the camera when the transceiver is used as a shutter release. Here’s the link to the one you’ll need: https://www.ormsdirect.co.za/yongnuo-rf-603c-wireless-flash-trigger-c1-connector

          1. I just double checked the umbrella holders and discovered that they don’t come with the tripod-socket adaptor. However, we do sell a Manfrotto part that will adapt a tripod into a lightstand for R70. I’ve updated the post.

            Besides that omission on my part, these are essentially all the things you’ll need to start experimenting with off camera flash! Assuming you have a suitable flash*, you’ll screw the adaptor onto the tripod, the umbrella holder onto that, and finally the trigger, flash and umbrella. This will give you one free standing, portable flash to work with. Best part? No power cables running everywhere!

            *Older models might work, but sometimes have a very high sync voltage, let me know if you have an older flash and I can check for you.

          2. No problem. It is possible to use this as a handheld option, myself taking the photos and someone to hold the umbrella with the relevant attachments and then direct the light accordingly. I use a 430 ex speedlite.

            Thanks Francois for taking the time to answer questions.

          3. Yeah, that’s always another solution. I’ve shot like this myself and assisted photographers where myself and other assistants would hold up the flashes.

            Glad to help out. Please contact us if you have any other questions!

          4. Ok my last question I promise lol.

            I am using a velbon tripod, Is the manfrotto attachment you mentioned compatible or must it only be used with manfrotto tripods/monopods.

            You’ve been a great help. Been waiting for this type of info for ages. The internet is a great tool but it can be rather confusing all at once.

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