Epson Hot Press Natural Paper is now in stock at Orms Print Room & Framing. Here’s the lowdown on why artists are getting so hot for it!

Orms Print Room & Framing is now stocking Epson Hot Press Natural Paper for Inkjet prints. This paper is one of Epson’s Signature Worthy Reproduction Fine Art Papers; a range that Epson emphasizes “is worthy of an artists signature”. Watch this video and see what acclaimed artists, like David Lynch, Lois Greenfield, Matthew Jordan Smith, Vincent Versace and Art Wolfe, have to say about high quality, signature worthy prints and reproductions.

The paper’s name Hot Press is derived from the traditional hot pressed (or hot ironed) method, which gives the surface an ultra smooth finish, an effect that is similar to that of a hot iron, in that it removes creases and creates an even texture.

The 100% cotton rag paper offers a subtly warm white point, yet retains a white appearance (don’t let the name Natural mislead you in this way). It is Natural in that it is acid, lignin and OBA (Optical Brightening Agent) free, which is a huge plus when it comes to longevity. Many in the printing world frown upon OBAs, as although they give the appearance of a brighter white in the presence of ultraviolet light, they have been known to yellow and discolour over time, thus eliminating archival qualities.

“The paper a photographer chooses for an exhibition really makes a difference in the overall effect of prints,” says Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, leading portrait photographer. “When using the Epson Hot Press Fine Art Paper, I was able to achieve new levels of extreme detail and sharpness, along with superb skin tones. The look, the touch and the feel of the prints on the Epson Hot Press paper is irresistible.” David Lynch reiterates this, ““The print is pretty much everything. The quality of a print can vary to be almost sickeningly bad or so beautiful you can’t hardly look away. So it’s two things I love about these papers. The image looks so good it’s unbelievable and the feel of the paper is incredible. It feels very organic and proper. Hot Press paper is a paper I’ve been waiting for all along.”

See and hear more on Lynch’s experience and views on printing on Hot Press Natural:

The paper generates exceptional dark and rich blacks, has smooth tonal transitions and an expanded colour gamut, and is therefore suitable for both black and white and colour applications. The colours really seem to radiate from surface and pop, while the blacks have a seductive quality that draws one in.

This 330gsm matte paper is highly recommended for fine art photography, illustration, and exhibition quality reproductions. It does not distract from the printed image, rather it enhances the imagery to its fullest potential.

It’s no wonder that artists are getting hot for Epson Hot Press! Now that you have seen what they have to say about it, come into Orms Print Room & Framing, print your own artwork on this incredible substrate, and see what you have to say about it!

Epson Hot Press Natural Paper

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