“I must say, Cape Town is an incredibly beautiful city, I do not take it for granted that I get to see Table Mountain whilst doing a mundane task such as walking to the shops.

My two week stay has been filled with movement. I have been going to Philippi farms as a part of my research process for the mentorship programme. Seeing people working in a farm space as opposed to offices and buildings is not a common sight for me, but it is a very interesting one. I am finding a new interest in how working on land with crops and produce affects the body. Sitting in the same space for 8 hours in comparison to walking, talking, and physically working may have different psychological and physical effects on an individual. I would like to see this comparison practically on myself first and explore this for others too.

There is newly found inspiration from the movement I experienced this week, particularly in going to the farms and coming back to the city. I am also finding the contrast of the mountain and ocean against the city landscape very liberating. Being in Cape Town means that after a long and tiresome day in the office one can go to the beach to clear oneโ€™s mind. It is the constant change between man-made structures and nature that is giving me a sense of internal balance.

I have also met inspiring people at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography this week. People who are willing to assist and guide me in my short journey here. This has given me a sense of security and groundedness in my social interactions. The movement has given me a little internal transformation, and this has made it easier to meet people who are familiar with the city and its nature. I can now relate to the general lifestyle here, and I am beginning to feel embedded.”

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