On Wednesday, the Cape Town School of Photography kicked off their series of Open Lunchtime Lectures with Subcultures.

Article by Sandy Maytham-Bailey.

The Cape Town School of Photography launched their new Open Lunchtime Lecture series with an engaging conversation between Oupa Nkosi and Wikus de Wet on Wednesday. The topic was Subcultures, and the validity of their work in the context of our multicultural South African society. Oupa, a Mail & Guardian photojournalist and feature writer, shared images from his personal project on the black middle class. Wikus, a recent graduate from the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, shared some intimate images from his ongoing Afrikaaner project.

The audience was given a glimpse into the diversity of our heritage, our sense of belonging and aspirations of our subcultures. Photographers since the start of time have photographed subcultures, satisfying our curiosity for the β€œother”. Photographing and exploring subcultures is often about a photographer spending time in a subculture, and the question that often arises is does the length of time spent within a subculture equate to the validity of the work. In the case of Oupa and Wikus, however, they are effectively turning the camera on themselves within their own sub- cultures, and neither is afraid to expose themselves through their images. These examinations of self within the subculture they identify with is honest, important and refreshing work.

The Cape Town School of Photography will be holding the Open Lunch Time Lecture series on the second last Wednesday of each month. The events are posted on their Facebook page and website. Join their mailing list to receive first notification.

Oupa Nkosi

Wikus de Wet