Photos from last night’s exhibition openings at Brundyn+, and the Take Me Home print sale curated by Between 10 and 5.

Judging by the busy galleries and restaurants, and the lack of parking space in town last night, February’s First Thursdays was a great success! We attended the exhibition openings at Brundyn+, the Take Me Home print sale by Between 10 and 5, and the South African Bicycle Builders exhibition at SAM.

The openings at the exhibition included Carla Liesching’s Nihiliphobia [Expeditions into the Unknown #1-15], Gabrielle Alberts’ This is Where I leave You, Kutlwano Moagi and Mack Magagane’s Living just enough, and Emeka Ogboh’s Loco-Metta.

Taking the centre-stage, Carla’s work was presented beautifully, pairing large prints of her Nihiliphobia portraits with smaller photos of installations, which link up with the main series. We also really enjoyed Gabrielle’s diorama-like sculptures, depicting eerie crime scenes in a somewhat playful and humorous way.

Moving on to Between 10 and 5’s Take Me Home print sale at the Spier Secret Courtyard, the works on display showcased some of Cape Town’s best creative illustrators. From what we could see, the sale turned out to be a huge success, and we hope the buyers enjoy their new prints – be sure to chat to us about framing options!

Carla Liesching’s works and the Take Me Home print sale was printed at the Orms Print Room.

Photos from the openings at Brundyn+

Carla Liesching 02 Carla Liesching 03 Carla Liesching 04 Carla Liesching 05 Carla Liesching 06 Carla Liesching 07 Carla Liesching 08 Carla Liesching 09 Gabrielle Alberts 01 Gabrielle Alberts 02 Gabrielle Alberts 03 Moagi and Magagane 01 Moagi and Magagane 02 Moagi and Magagane 03 Moagi and Magagane 04 Moagi and Magagane 05

Photos from the Take Me Home print sale

Take Me Home 01 Take Me Home 02 Take Me Home 03 Take Me Home 04 Take Me Home 05 Take Me Home 06 Take Me Home 07 Take Me Home 08 Take Me Home 09