Take a look at the portfolio of our newest Featured Pro, Cape Town based photographer Manfred Werner.

Manfred Werner is a Cape Town based professional photographer.

“My path as a photographer is nothing you would consider ordinary or traditional, maybe that counts for my non-traditional style of photography. I didn’t have a camera handed down to me by my parents or grandparents, instead I picked up a camera for the first time in late 2007 to take pictures for digital editing and fell in love with the art of photography and lighting.”

Manfred firmly believes that great lighting is key to a winning photo (rightly so) after being inspired by this quote: “Become a master in lighting and you can achieve anything.” When he’s not shooting, he manages his community website, manniphotography.co.za, offering tutorials and help for other photographers.

Below you’ll find some examples of his work – for more images, please visit his gallery or website via the links.

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