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Seagram Pearce is primarily an automative and fashion photographer. Originally working as the top graphic designer at a networking firm, Seagram cut his ties to a desk job and turned his photography hobby into a full-time freelancing business. Preferring quality over quantity, he mostly shoots editorial work for various local and international clients, including Ferrari SA, BMW SA, TopCar, GQ SA and Media 24.

Perhaps Seagram’s enthusiasm for photography is best summed up by this thought: “There is no better way of life to be doing what you love, with people as passionate as you are.” – which echoes through his excellent photography.

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For more images, be sure to visit his gallery via the link above.


Orms Connect Featured Pro: Seagram Pearce

  1. Larry you have no style anymore! This is what the pros call a photoshop photographer – crappy images make gorgeous by Adobe Photoshop…hence his top graphic design skills at work but No Sir not by a long shot one of Cape Towns best!

  2. I agree have you seen a movie called wag the dog….flash a busty or leggy girl and a nice car and you can get away with bad imagery. Composition is what makes an image. STRONG composition from which I can see he lacks alot of. Good lighting and pretty girls just won’t do it for everyone. Come on Larry do you really have a photography background that you pushing this guy or are you buddies. Us Orms people are Pros don’t insult us and align ORMS brand with anyone. Look at the top pic…it lacks so much but he has photoshopped the Shyt out of it! Realpix has a point….

  3. At the very least, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. As anyone who does photography knows, there are various genres of photography & thoughts on the direction one could take. I admire the quality & ‘raw-ness’ that some photographers are able to achieve. That is their style. My style however leans more towards the commercial polished side, because that is my direction I’m taking with my career. Part of this entire process is often a fair amount of postwork & retouching to achieve something that has a slight edge. I would never begrudge anyone their opinion & feelings on my images (or anyone’s images for that matter) because everything is subjective to personality, taste, age. I often come across images or photographers whose work I don’t particularly like. I don’t make a habit of telling them how “crappy” they are. Instead a few words of encouragement and perhaps a few pointers on improvement go a long way. Maybe worth a try sometime eh guys.

    1. “Instead a few words of encouragement and perhaps a few pointers on improvement go a long way.” – Because you are the authority on all things photographic? BIG HEAD!~

  4. I hate photographers they all up their own bums….they all think they so special by the sounds of it Mr Seagram included. You guys calm down all of you! You just people…..teeny weeny little people, taking pictures that won’t matter in years from now….working for people who will replace you as soon as they feel the need. Get a grip – loose the attitude. You nothing special!
    So what if you don’t like Seagrams work or his overphotoshopped, compositionless images. He is just like the rest of us….trying his best! He is just human!

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